Importance of Maintaining an Alkaline Diet

Regular food diets often don’t provide the body with a balanced diet. Many people are choosing to supplement their diets with nutritional supplements. But a common caution with supplemental diets is the threat of synthetic supplements and additives whose benefits are not proven, and which may be harmful to your health.

Dieticians instead encourage the use of alkalizing plant based supplements. Among the many benefits of plant based nutrient supplements is their alkalizing effects.

An alkaline diet is widely considered to be one of the healthiest. Alkaline diets are marked by their ability to balance your body’s pH level.

How to Maintain a Healthy Body pH

The level of alkalinity or acidity in your body fluids, like blood and urine, shows the density of minerals in the food you eat. Too little minerals in your diet will mean high acidity and ph. The opposite is true for a highly alkaline diet.

Generally, an optimal pH for the human body is 7.4, but a slightly more alkaline pH may be preferable.

Your quest with an alkaline diet is to maintain a healthy balance between acidity and alkalinity. And the most natural and sustainable way to control acidity in your body is to maintain a mineral rich diet, one stocked with fruits, vegetables, and raw foods.

Today’s diets, though rich in sodium, lack the right proportions of potassium, magnesium, and antioxidants. They must thus be supplemented.

Benefits of an Alkaline Diet

A mineral deficient diet will cause a steady degradation of your body’s vital organs. This accelerates the aging process, with a direct bearing on your health and quality of life.

The most accessible and sustainable source of alkalizing minerals and vitamins are fruits and vegetables.  But they are only available in low quantities that may not be sufficient for an optimal ph. Adding plant-based supplements to you diet will make up for the deficit.

The best alkalising supplements are packed full of vegan protein, and vitamins. Diet watching people in Australia will be pleased that plant-based supplements are not all hype. There are many benefits to maintaining a plant-based, alkaline diet;

  1. Bone density and mass – An alkaline diet lowers the risk of muscle waste and decreased bone strength. It also promotes the production of essential growth hormones, which protects against chronic diseases.


  1. Low inflammation and pain. Too much acidity in your body will worsen pain from chronic headaches, joint pain, menstrual pains, muscle spasms, and inflammation.


  1. Low hypertension and stroke risk. A sub benefit of the improved growth hormone production cited above is greater cardiovascular health. More growth hormones will also help to control common health problems like hypertension, kidney stones, stroke, high cholesterol, and memory loss.


As well as incorporating plant based nutrition alkalising supplements in your diet, there are foods you can include in your daily meal plans to help maintain an alkaline diet. Such foods include fresh fruits and vegetables, protein rich grains and legumes, green smoothies, fish, chicken, and many raw foods.


There are also ways to alkalize your drinking water. You can stir in some baking soda, soak a few lemon wedges, or infuse a few pH drops in your drinking water. pH drops are available from most good drug stores. Best of all, just use your best plant based supplements to make a hearty drink to enjoy once every day.


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Plant Based Nutrition Supplements: A Natural Health Boost

A diet of foods only made up of naturally growing plants is good for the human body. Such diets provide a balanced, sustainable, and nutritious diet for the human body.

Plant based diets also help maintain the ecological balance of our natural environment. to add, they reduce the inhumane production practices of commercial animal farms.

Yet, no matter how we may appreciate the many benefits of an exclusively vegetarian diet, many of our vegetables and fruits plants do not carry enough nutrient content to ensure a balanced diet from our daily meal rations. We often need supplements to make up for the difference.

Stop the Scourge of Unsafe Synthetic Dietary Supplements

But health supplements are not created equal. Because dietary supplements have become such a lucrative business, the industry has sadly been blighted by serious concerns over the quality, and even safety, of some of the supplements being brought to market.

Some supplements, especially those made from synthetic ingredients, can’t be trusted to be good for the body. Almost all unnatural, synthetic health supplements do not have the backing of solid scientific research that proves their safety and ability to prevent illness.

Quite a few pack such high doses of synthetic nutrients into very small capsules that taking them will actually harm your health. Pointless to say, you may be better served sticking to your otherwise inadequate vegan diet.

But you do not have to, because there is a healthier alternative.

Plant Based Supplements Are Healthier and Sustainable.

Studies have shown that plant based diets help to lower the risk of diseases like dementia, arthritis, diabetes, obesity, erectile dysfunction and some cancers. You will ensure a more balanced diet by adding a few plant based supplements to your diet.

Plant based vitamins and vegan protein supplements contain more measured, healthier doses of naturally occurring minerals and fibres. They bridge the nutrient gaps that an exclusively vegan diet just can’t fill. These natural supplements are an essential for athletes and other people whose occupations put a physical toll on their bodies.

The Alkalizing Effect of Plant Based Dietary Supplements

The other great benefit of plant based supplements is their alkalizing effect on the body. Most omnivore diets, which are high on meat and sugar, are excessively acidic. When used with a healthy diet, most green powder nutrient supplements will help to balance your body’s pH level.

Most plant based nutrition alkalising supplements, which you can buy online, contain natural vitamins, proteins, and minerals harvested from plants like green algae, barley, wheat, and alfalfa. When added to your daily diet, these health supplements will;

Boost your immune system, increasing your body’s resistance to illness,


  • Give your body more energy for a vibrant and more active lifestyle,


  • Reduce pain during illness.


To ensure an alkaline diet, most green supplements are fortified with alkaline mineral salts like magnesium, potassium, manganese, iron, and calcium.

While alkalising supplements won’t take the place of a normal healthy diet, they are a viable way of filling the nutritional gaps your normal leave. You can buy sports nutrition and other plant based health supplements from any good online shop.

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Nuzest Clean Lean Protein – Sustainable, Vegan Protein Supplement

Protein supplements are a great nutritional aid for weight lifters and other athletes. They help your body build muscle mass and are a welcome energy boost after a gruelling workout. But protein supplements are not created the same. Although all will claim to provide your body with all sorts of benefits, a few, like Nuzest Clean Lean Protein go further.


But should you be taking protein supplements in the first place? Those who feel they get enough protein from the food they eat may not feel a pressing need for a nutritional supplement. For some however, in particular athletes and fitness fanatics, a good protein supplement is a necessity. There are even times when you absolutely need them. This could be;

  • When changing to a more rigorous exercise or training regime,
  • When you train but have limited time to prepare healthy meals,
  • When you starting out with weight lifting,
  • When you are changing to a vegan diet,
  • When recovering from injury.

If the last point applies to you then Nuzest Clean Lean Protein in Australia is the perfect protein supplement for you. Deriving its protein from the finest European golden peas, and without any non-vegetable ingredients, this protein powder is a great addition to vegan diets. Besides being 100% vegetable, Nuzest Clean Lean Protein is;

  • Easy to digest,
  • Low in fat,
  • Non acidic,
  • Highly absorbable,
  • Perfectly alkaline.

There are yet more reasons for choosing Nuzest Clean Lean Protein over the other supplements that are out there. Few producers care as those at Nuzest do about how their protein is sourced. Apart from being ethically and sustainably sourced, this protein powder packs in more amino acids than most, is free from nasties, and carries a low allergy risk. It is suitable for strict Paleo, Halaal, and Kosher diet followers.

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Nuzest Good Green Stuff Australia – Essential Nutrients-Rich Health Supplement

Everyone, at some level, cares about their health. And what we put into our bodies has a significant impact on our health. Those that truly care about what they put into their bodies are staunchly discriminating about their nutrition sources.


They also know that, while it has most of what our bodies need to keep healthy, regular food does not always provide sufficient nutrition. You need health supplements, such as Nuzest Good Green Stuff, that pack in more nourishment than regular meals to maintain optimal health.

There is food that protects your health and food that promotes your health. For athletes, weight lifters, and fitness buffs alike, that is a fundamental difference. Sadly we lack a super food that does both. No wonder why a growing constituency of health conscious people are investing considerable resources in sourcing the very best supplements.

And you won’t get many health supplements as rich in vital nutrients as Nuzest Good Green Stuff.

But what makes Nuzest Good Green Stuff so different from other protein supplements on your supermarket shelf? Is the hype around it justified? It is when you consider that it is a blend of most essential vitamins, proteins, and minerals that can be claimed by most super foods. For how much of these could be left out from the over 75 super greens squeezed into this powder?

Natural greens force fed into this mother of all supplements include Spirulina, Wheat grass, Barley Leaf, Broccoli, Spinach, Goji Berry, Kelp, Flax seed, Slippery Elm, Burdock Root, Gotu Kola, and Ginseng. This is pungent mix of naturally derived goodness translates to;

A balanced nutrition,

  • Improved digestion,
  • Optimal energy.

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